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Eres Querido

Originaler Titel: You Are Wanted

A lot of user reviews for this have been pretty negative, calling the plot "plodding" or "too slow." Personally, I loved it. Maybe it's my love of a good slow burn. Maybe it's because I like the change of pace in this versus American shows, which seem to need action or intense character drama for every second of screen-time. Probably it's both. While it wasn't as action-packed as shows I usually watch, I found every second of it very engaging, with the end of each episode catching me off- guard. It's not a new plot, but the acting is good and the characters are interesting enough that I was invested in them very early on. It's smartly put together, and know how to take a breath every once in awhile.
Evyn Riggs

OK, the plot has no innovative Ideas. It is a mix out of 24, Mr. Robot and has a often misplaced family Story, as seen in Homeland Season 2. But at the end... who cares? The result from that mix is a good entertaining show, including some visually stunning pictures 100 Votes and only 4 Reviews. And i'm pretty sure, some votes are only against Mr. Schweighoefer, often blamed as "overrated". It is not comparable to Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot or other Top 150 Shows.

But definitely worth seeing.
Gurl Turiano

OK, first things first: I enjoyed watching this show, even though it made me shake my head more than once - but so does CSI:Miami...

The story is not new. In fact, it has been told a couple of times before, and better. The characters are not very well developed, but then again (if you know typical Schweighöfer movies) that does not come as a surprise, really. For example, I still ponder what the conflict between Lukas and his brother may have been... And of course all "hackers" wear hoodies, play computer games all day, speak in strange tongues and hide themselves in badly lit cellars...

On the plus side: cinematographically it was very pleasant to watch, the soundtrack sounds interesting and the story was tense enough to keep me watching.

You can tell that the writers and producers felt the need to make something "not too German" for the international audience. Maybe they should, next time. The result if their attempts is something that's neither Hollywood nor Germany, somewhere in between. It's nice, but it doesn't linger.

*** Spoiler ahead ***

My favorite dialogue? Parcel service guy rings the door bell. Hanna opens the door and asks "What's that?" - the guy answers: "A parcel..."

I absolutely love the fact that you need to walk deeply into the bowels of a Chinese restaurant, through doors hardly high enough to stand upright, say a code-word, have the boss open a secret, code-locked door to enter the white hacker's "office" - just to find that there are windows pointing right outside to the street...

I really enjoyed this series. The plot was very tense, I found the cinematography highly artistic and the actors quite talented. Good job Germany! Also thank you for not trying to copy Hollywood – would have been pretty cheesy. By the way, I never expected to see Matthias Schweighoefer in an action series. Well done, Matthias!
Edie Brunnett

Usually I leave the review writing to others, but this time I was compelled to write one.

The show looked very promising. It was highly anticipated. As soon as it launched I started watching the first episode. If you haven't, you'll be surprised. It's one of the worst I have ever seen. It's a bad idea to start watching. Just like it's a bad idea to rub salt in your wounds or smoke while tanking gas.

But here's the thing... If you can look past the lousy acting, the stretching scene's and dialogues and even the HORRIBLE English dub... There is still the problem of nothing being original. Just a standard German crime story.

I wish I could warn you for spoilers, but that's just it. There is nothing to spoil. I couldn't keep focused and had the hardest time not to laugh about the characters. I even doubt calling it characters, because the whole thing feels flat and flimsy.

So... Watch the series and be prepared to lose some valuable time which you could have spent on other things.

Great premise, but lost in translation? 3 episodes in, still no dimensions to the characters, no sense of direction in the plot. Yada, yada, yada, there is a bad hacker, or hackers. They are wrecking this guy's life, one inevitable boring step at a time. If only the characters would speak more quickly. If only there weren't frozen anguished gazes that belong in silent films. If only the plot advanced enough to keep my interest. Other than the film stock this series is really appealing. But don't take my word, I dare you to watch more of it than I have.

My one question is, how did this show rate 8 stars when there are no reviews posted? (March 16, 2017)

** Updated ** I watched the rest of the series, partly to see if it would all be as bad as it promised. Curious? The answer is yes. Worst plot and acting ever!
Longwood Heitz

Hi, well i'm from Germany. i know Mr. schweighoefers work couple years now. he is a super nice guy, funny and charming. normally in Germany he is known for his successful mostly relationship comedies.

now he was chosen to make the first German amazon original. and first of all i have to say honestly, i only watched 1,5 episodes. i was so hoping that he would do this not like everyday German crime series, but i was so wrong.

the plot is so stupid, the acting is wooden. the dialogues are just boring. decisions are not comprehensibly.

i didn't wanted to see it in first place. but the German press went through the roof about this. "everyone has to see this" bla bla bla.

so i gave it a shot. what a waste of time......

Finally a German show for an international audience! Very well made, extremely suspenseful, awesome acting (especially Matthias Schweighöfer- what a brilliant actor!) and a great storyline. I highly recommend this show and am happy German productions are finally making an international debut. Hope to see more of this!
Karolina Rairick

...but I just found it too slow and frustrating with the protagonist doing stupid things again and again. I couldn't make it through the second episode. The thing is, there are TV series for every individual taste. This one just wasn't my cup of tea. The whole paranoia of the internet and computer era has been done quite a bit and if we have learned anything it would be to unplug if this sort of thing were happening to you, not sit around listening to your freaking phone. I'm not paranoid at all but doesn't everyone already cover their webcam on the computer? Perhaps I'll give this another chance and if I do I'll revise this review. Until then, I'm unplugging.

I watched the first season and I liked it very much. The second season is so much more awesome. This is an excellent TV show. Matthias Schwieghoefer is an excellent actor. The other actors are also very good. I recommend this show. If you don't like subtitles, then maybe you shouldn't watch this. There is some English in the second season, but it is mostly in German.
Brink Rattu

Keeps you guessing. One of the best shows I have watched in a very long time.

I would guess poor reviews come from those challenged by the German language or adverse to reading subtitles. I say to those people - watch it twice. It's worth it.
Schatz Depsky

Matthias Schweighoefer mistakes himself for someone who has something to say. Well, he obviously hasn't. Not one single genuine idea in this series, nothing we haven't seen - done with more talent - a hundred times before. So Germany tries to be Hollywood, too? Well, there is a Hollywood already. Who tries to be Germany? BTW: Gwendoline Christie is the much better actress!

"You are wanted" is a heart-pounding, fast-paced, German cyber thriller. There is the original German version with subtitles, which is the default, as well a link to the dubbed (in many languages) version of the film. I didn't initially notice there was a dubbed version, and had been watching the original. I re-watched episode one of the dubbed version, but the voice-overs were over-emphasized and not at all convincing. I don't mind subtitles, so I stuck with the original.

Unless you are living in a time capsule that is entirely free of cell phones, laptops, iPads and digital devices, this series is one that will most likely have you looking over your shoulder and changing your passwords. Being "plugged in," to the degree that we are in today's society, certainly gives cause for concern when it comes to our digital footprint and online security. This series capitalizes on the fears and insecurities we have surrounding our privacy. It shows us just how exposed and vulnerable we really are.

"You Are Wanted" is a fast-paced, action-packed, thriller that takes place in modern day Berlin. Lukas Franke, the main character, is a young, intelligent, hotel manager with a wife and son. He finds his life slowly unhinged, piece by piece, by unknown cyber attackers who infiltrate and twist every file on record about him, framing him for a crime he did not commit. This of course puts in jeopardy both his personal and professional relationships, threatening even the ones most dear to him, his relationships with his wife and son. But are these hacktivists simply out to ruin Lukas' life as part of some personal vendetta, or is there more to their agenda here, a bigger picture involving a greater "good," perhaps?

The first episode opens with a man who frantically sets fire to a room full of various mediums of data, and then to himself, before jumping out a high-rise window to his death. We aren't told who he is, or why he is doing this, but it is clear that this mysterious hacktivist is central to the story-line.

Immediately following this, we see Berlin experiencing a complete blackout, also caused by these "hacktivists". Lukas is at the hotel working when the blackout hits, and is tasked with calming a conference room full of frightened and irritated participants. One man there becomes particularly angry, and it is he who makes the first move that sets the game in motion. It is at this time that Lukas first, unknowingly, meets the man who will takeover his identity.

Amidst this turmoil, Lukas meets a mysterious woman who tells him that she too is being set-up by these very same hacktivists, but it is unclear to Lukas whether she is telling the truth and can be trusted. Hoping that he hasn't just made the biggest mistake of his life, he joins forces with her, in an attempt to identify these unknown hacktivists and stop them before it's too late for both of them.

Meanwhile, Lukas' wife is hard at work as an artist when she is contacted, and subsequently commissioned, to illustrate the characters in a video game for the man who created it. Her son falls in love with the game, and is unwittingly drawn in as a pawn, becoming part of something much deeper.

The series has many twists and turns, features a great cast, and the characters are all very relatable. Part of what makes this series almost entirely believable is the fact that all of this mayhem is occurring in the lives of average, everyday, people. People that could just as easily be you or I. Lukas, and those closest to him, are being pulled into this vortex of chaos, tasked with solving this mystery, while at the same fighting for their lives.

The further down the rabbit hole the story-line takes you, the better this series gets. This race-against-time, thriller, is a "think for yourself" series, there is no spoon-feeding of plots here. Which is another reason that I really enjoyed this series.
New Rennaker

I really likes the first season, there are a few interesting turning points in the story and there is never a lull in the storytelling. I really appreciated finally having a German show to watch on demand with my parents, since I'm absolutely no fan of the German dubbing.

The show looks great, the cinematography is really good especially for a German TV Show, so is the acting. Only Alexandra Maria Lara's character was a bit too stereotypical for my liking.
Elum Hawke

Prime and other companies are offering series from non-english speaking countries. While that is a very good move, they should just spend a bit more money on dubbing to English. This TV show is a very good example. It is in general a good show, but the English dubbing is so very, very bad that I just stopped watching it. It is like The rain from Netflix, with an even worst dubbing. Amazon, please, use native English speakers for dubbing and good quality studios !!!

I honestly had no real expectations for the show, I only found out about it yesterday (well really I stumbled upon it). I was bored sick of watching the same kind of things so I said what the hell I'll give it a shot. I ended up watching and couldn't stop, It had me engrossed in the story from the start to finish. I like watching foreign movies and t.v shows I mostly watch Asian, I think this is the first German show I have seen if other German shows are as good as this I'll be watching more of them. The only pity is that it was only 6 episodes long I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that a season 2 comes out and it has more episodes. There's no glamorized nonsense in this like the majority of shows out there or nothing blown up every 5 minutes, this has a almost realistic feel to it it's a great show to watch so don't be turned away by the bad reviews and decide for yourself I for one will be watching out for a season two because I enjoyed.

Maybe being the actor of the main character, regisseur and writer of a series in one person was too much. I was looking forward to the heavily advertised series, but was disappointed afterwards.

Yes, Matthias Schweighöfer is a brilliant actor, sadly it is almost the only one. Karoline Herfurth and especially Tom Beck are not on Schweighöfers level of quality. Maybe Tom Beck should have stayed with "Cobra 11" instead.

Additionally the story line is very shallow, a simple cinema movie would have been the better solution for this script.

The result is a boring and sometimes even annoying, predictable series.
Zweig Janszen

A well-acted cyber-thriller. Nice to see some unfamiliar faces and that the makers didn't feel the need to make it a beauty contest.The plot isn't novel but it's well constructed and doesn't hand out the answers on a plate.

I did find the first 2 episodes rather slow but then it picked up the pace and I had to binge watch the rest. At a total of 6 episodes it doesn't overstay its welcome like most American dramas. It won't change your life but is an easy watch if you're in the mood for a thriller.

BTW I don't understand reviewers whinging about bad overdubs. If you can't be bothered reading subtitles then why bother watching anything not made in the English language?
Leonore Reinders

Stumbled upon this by accident but ended up watching all six episodes in a row. The soundtrack is nice and I think it was filmed rather well. Character development is lacking a bit but I think the story makes up for it more than well enough. Each episode left me wanting more and with only six episodes making up season one it was easy to plow through the whole thing. It's best if you understand German yourself because sometimes the subtitles can hinder the dialogue. All in all this was certainly worth the watch. The subject matter is especially relevant at this point in time so I would encourage anyone interested in technology to watch the show.
Kati Schexneider

There are easily much worse television series, and much better. The extreme reviews in either direction seem personal. I started watching in English, unsure if it had been dubbed or filmed in both languages, like the series Hinterland which was filmed in both English and Welsh. I can't imagine how brutal that must have been for the actors but it sure made it a better experience for the viewers who don't want to read subtitles, something I don't mind. Dubbing generally ensures it's going to be awful, and this series was no exception. Within a couple minutes I switched to the subtitled version which I highly recommend. Much better. However, it wasn't long before I knew it was going to be choppy, i.e., disconnected plot, under-developed characters, puzzling dialog/characters that didn't seem relevant but interesting enough that I hoped it would lead somewhere eventually but never did. It's too bad we didn't know more about Thomas or Lena or Dalton. And who was Johnny? I must have completely missed how he fit in, but would have liked to have seen more of and known more about him and the others. Fewer actors and better character development is always preferable. If it's absolutely necessary to introduce a character there should be solid writing, dialog jam-packed with context. But that's the way writing should be throughout every film and sadly rarely occurs anymore. Of course inefficient directing and poor acting can be problematic but it's the writing that most influences the quality of the viewing experience, imho. This series has a lot of potential. Sure some of it's been seen before but that's common, there isn't a whole lot out there today that hasn't already been seen in one version or another. The acting and cinematography are pretty good and the general plot interesting enough. If more thought is put into the writing and it's somehow made to flow better, this could be a decent series. I'd say go ahead and give it a shot, the two lead actors are very good, there's decent suspense and a couple of intriguing theories involving IT and identity sabotage.
Ghiselin Arora

Matthias Schweighöfer as the lead character is a good actor and does a very good job of engendering a sympathetic character in this drama. I wanted to watch this drama just to see him act some more on screen; however, the show plods.

Yes, good camera work and vistas but it plods.

1st episode took 35 min before we find out a hacktivist, as they call it, is responsible - revelation of revelations, even a computer Luddite would have figured it out by then.

Up to that point you are bored silly with a city power outage, a birthday celebration, his family, business meetings, his on screen wife making sandwiches for their over the top cutesy child...even Matthias Schweighöfer'z acting ability could not save this plodding bore of a crime drama and nor could Amazon Prime's X-Ray feature alleviate the in between scene boredom either.
Lefkowitz Yiu

This series is so drawn out. It would have been decent if it were boiled down to a 3 episode mini series (series 1) - yep, that's right, halved. There is so much filler. Also, I might have rated it higher if I hadn't already seen Dutch show "Bellicher". This actually feels like a remake. It's so "paint by numbers", even down to law enforcement agencies having a peeing contest over jurisdiction. I'm sure you'll have seen this all before.

Season 2 as well as Season 1 was a non-stop action ride! Great acting, great writing. Great for Tech Geeks, and those that love a good plot. The story is believable as far as the possibility that your life can easily be destroid by hackers and an evil government that doesn't care about people. Can't wait until Season 3 (I hope).

The story line is not necessarily very original but it definitely is an entertaining show and has some really cool shots of Berlin. Characters are relatable even if the main character is making some questionable decisions. Overall a very good show, easy to binge-watch but make sure to watch it in German with subtitles because the dubbing is poorly done.

When I first saw the ratings I said "I'll pass". Bit then it came in front of me again and I just decided to give it a go. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Episode 1 was a bit weird but then the things started getting pretty good. And by the end of season 1 I actually really enjoyed the show. Season 2 then really changed the pace. Everything went fast paced with a lot more action and everything. A lot more fun as well.

Is the acting bad at the beginning? Yes. Is the story a bit weird and it doesn't make sense at first? Yes. But then you start getting things and the things make a lot more sense. Acting improves as well. It still is a German crime drama at its heart. And I loved those when I was a kid. As for people complaining that the english dub is crap - learn to use the subtitles and watch the original. That's why they are there.

Now I am a techy. I work as a programmer. And the hacks and the hacking shown are actually pretty accurate which is a rarity for television. Sure everything is over dramatic, but the basics are actually there. Hackers use a command line, he gets hacked via an attachment that he clicks, he uses tor and duckduckgo for the basics in internet annonimity, ...

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